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Corona Virus and DependaCoat

This first in a lifetime event, that is rocking the entire world makes us all take a look at our daily lives. We are patriots and optimists and think and pray many of the medical predictions will not be as devastating as the panic is now.

We will continue to do our jobs with a few changes to make things safer for associates and customers. The best thing we can all do is wash our hands frequently, so we will be doing that. We work with chemicals a lot of the time that have very strong disinfecting qualities in and of themselves. We are

asking any associates that show even minor symptoms to self quarantine and we will help them financially. Our crews do not come in contact with many people on most jobs. We will be doing on-site inspections and contact you by phone, text and photos. And we’ll be fist bumping instead of handshakes. We think and hope this will be over in a few weeks and it will be business as normal. Remember, we have been with you in the past, are here for you in the meantime and will be in the future.

Sincerely yours, Paul Francis and Jonathan Vick DependaCoat LLC.

DependaCoat Tired of the expense of painting, staining, caulking
and repairs? You need Dependacoat Lifetime Coating.

Dependacoat and Never Paint Again!

Are you tired of cracked and peeling paint? Trying to decide whether to invest in vinyl siding or traditional exterior paint? Consider the low cost alternative, DependaCoat advanced coating system, and never paint again!

The constant exposure of your home or commercial building to heat and sunlight breaks down the composition of most traditional paints and coatings, causing them to expand and contract and eventually fade, crack, chip, blister and peel. Basically, your new traditional paint job starts failing as soon as it is applied.

Re-painting your house can be a big expense and unfortunately with traditional exterior paint it will need to be painted again every few years due to exposure to harsh conditions. Vinyl siding is also another costly option and just doesn't look good. Why not choose a permanent solution? With DependaCoat Lifetime Architectural Coatings you are protected by a lifetime warranty and will never need to paint again!The No. 1 environmental condition that leads to paint failure is heat

20 times thicker than conventional paint

Our premium DependaCoat Lifetime Architectural Coatings -- custom tinted to any color you choose -- look just like the best quality paints but continue to look like new for decades. Our revolutionary coating system is applied 20 times thicker than conventional paints and dries to 10 to 12 times thicker.

This revolutionary system provides a super long lasting finish, resistant to mold, mildew, and algae growth, as well as providing maximum UV protection. The DependaCoat high build coating hides minor surface detects and fills small cracks for an amazing finish. DependaCoat LAC is an exterior solution for homes, businesses, industrial facilities and churches, including decks, docks and porches.

DependaCoat Architectural Coating -- installed by the skilled DependaCoat Architectural Coatings craftsmen -- protects your home or business for decades. Call us today or use the convenient form on this page to contact us and let us show you how DependaCoat can save you money!