Our Product

Traditional painting wastes millions of hours and billions of dollars each year. Why spend time and money on a technology designed to fail every two to five years?

DependaCoat uses eco-friendly Armorex Lifetime Architectural Coatings and processes that look just like paint. These advanced architectural coatings will save your tens of thousands of dollars and keep your property looking like the painters just pulled out of the driveway for decades to come.

You depend on exterior coatings for durability and aesthetic quality. You want a coating that looks great and protects the surface for a long time – even when exposed to the elements. You want a coating that performs well on exterior surfaces. The Future of Exterior Paint is Armorex!

The next coating for your home or business should:

  • Waterproof and protect
  • Adhere well, even on weathered surfaces
  • Retain gloss and color over and extended period of time
  • Tolerate seasonal expansion and contraction without cracking
  • Avoid mold and mildew growth
  • Resist chalking and dirt accumulation
  • Never Crack, Chip, Peel, Flake or Chalk

Everyday paint just doesn’t stand up

Everyday paint jobs cost money every two to five years regardless of the guarantee on the paint bucket. You’ve seen that before.
Your investment in professional painting just doesn’t yield long-lasting results.

In reality you don’t buy paint, you rent it. If you spend $4,000 for a paint job and have to repaint again in three years you have been renting your paint for over $100 a month. Does this make sense?

The Armorex HB™ difference

Our product is a revolution in beauty and durability. Like everyday paint, our cutting-edge acrylic-ceramic microsphere architectural coating can be tinted to any color. Unlike paint, Armorex will not chip, flake, peel, blister or chalk. Our product resists fading, even in intense sunlight. Armorex HB™ is mildew and fungus resistant up to federal standards, and can be used on stucco, brick, block, cement, and wood – even properly prepared metal surfaces.

All of This and ECO-Friendly Too

Armorex is a reduced odor and low VOC product that will last decades and release no harmful chemicals. Our trained professionals work directly with you to provide a customized coating solution that will protect any property in any climate. You get a lifetime of results that won’t change the look and style of your surface. We Guarantee it!