Uses and Applications

Traditional paints and coatings begin to crack, chip, peel and blister in less than five years. However, Armorex HB has a high ceramic and titanium dioxide content, outlasting typical paints and coatings by three to five times, and the surface maintains a fresh, "just-painted" look.

Dirt and grime doesn't adhere as well to surfaces protected by our coating. Exterior surfaces may be pressure washed, leaving the surface looking as if it had just been painted. Our surfaces are 60 percent more resistant to abrasion than typical epoxy finishes. Being easy to clean, and staying cleaner longer reduces overall maintenance costs.

DependaCoat products can be used on any structure, from the oldest plantation home to the newest dock at the lake. We can put our Lifetime Architectural Coatings on almost anything that you can paint and it will look just like it was painted with the highest quality paint. The difference is it stays looking new and protecting for decades.


We specialize in working closely with homeowners who want the traditional look of paint but don’t ever want to paint again.

A Typical DependaCoat discriminating customer:

  • Intelligent
  • Value Conscience
  • Enjoys An Attractive Home
  • Doesn’t Like The Look Or Feel Of Vinyl Siding
  • Doesn’t Like The Hassles Of Painting And Home Improvements
  • Doesn't Like Wasting Money
  • Concerned About The Environment

DependaCoat Architectural Coatings are the smartest, most cost effective solutions in the market.

Commercial Buildings

We have the skills and talents to work on commercial projects of all sizes. If it needs coating and you don’t want to recoat often we’re your guys. We are sensitive to the time conscience needs of businesses whether hurrying to get open or not wanting a large disruption for an on-going concern. When you retain DependaCoat one of the DependaCoat owners will be on the project every day as well as an experienced and dedicated crew leader. Our Architectural Coatings are the smartest cost effective solutions in the market. We offer the finest coatings backed by the most extensive warranties in the business. Don’t take our word for it. Call or email today for a no obligation quote that is complimentary in most cases.

Historic Properties

We are passionate about Historic Properties! Whether you’re listed on the National Historic Registry, National Historic Trust, a family heirloom or a restoration DependaCoat Lifetime Architectural Coatings will be your best and most cost effective solution. Our lifetime Architectural Coatings were designed with your property in mind.

Imagine your property protected for the future and looking freshly painted for decades. No mold and mildew problems. No more replacement of expensive and hard to find wood. Custom matched colors and a Lifetime Warranty on Labor and Materials makes DependaCoat Lifetime Architectural Coatings an intelligent decision.


One of the ways we serve the Lord is by saving congregations tens of thousands of dollars and keeping church campuses looking their best for decades.

Lifetime Architectural Coatings are a perfect stewardship opportunity for today’s cost conscience church. Your church will save maintenance dollars every year and your facilities will always look their very best. Whether you have a historic building or are considering a new facility we have the Architectural Coatings to achieve the look and feel you want without the look of Vinyl. Our Lifetime Architectural Coatings look exactly like the highest quality paint finishes but they continue to look that way for decades after a paint job fails.

We deal with Pastors, Deacons, Trustees, Committees, Administrators, Parishioners, Elders, Conventions and even individuals that want to make a donation to beautify their church for decades

Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars

Allow us to show you how a Lifetime Architectural Coating can save you tens of thousand of dollars and protect and beautify your home for life. Call or email us today to set up a complimentary home evaluation and quote.